Preschoolers Have Fun!(and have no idea that they are learning at the same time)

Ages 3years and potty trained to kindergarten.

Our preschoolers arrive at their rooms ready for a full day of fun and learning. The preschool environment is semi-structured similar to a allow children freedom of choice in nursery school classroom. Although there is more structure than the younger classrooms, we provide activities to encourage free choice.In preparation for kindergarten the following areas will be emphasized: language arts, science, math, social skills, literacy, music, arts and crafts, creative dramatics and large and small motor skills will be developed, with plenty of time for outdoor fun.Attention spans will be strengthened and children will be encouraged to begin problem solving and thinking about consequences of behavior and alternate solutions.We will also work on building self-esteem and confidence in your child, which will also help them to achieve success in their future years.

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